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Montana Gun Owners was established in 4/2011. In addition to other local gun websites, this one is designed specifically to service Montanans firearms news needs and classifieds online. Whether gun owners, hunters, trappers or simply firearms freedom lovers.

It is a place where we can all share news, views, comments and opinions without concern for being blocked by anti-gun entities. Here we aggregate classifieds from other local sites, as well as news and issues related to firearms laws, gun regulations, legislation, shooting, safety, hunting, training, gun control politics and more, from Montana sources.

Until Facebook blocks us permanently, all visitors can instantly comment on posts using Facebook. They can also use our own local form and avoid being blocked or reported by other visitors who may not agree with your opinions, unless you’re of course an unreasonable idiot bent on depriving us of our rights.

Comment with Facebook or use the Montana Gun Owners local form below.
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