Poll: Are you planning a potential move to Montana to help keep it the last best pro-gun state in America?

Are you planning a potential move to Montana to help keep it the last best pro-gun state for firearms friendly Americans?

POLL: In your opinion, what are the MOST UNBIASED news media outlets, sources or networks in Montana?

Did you know that you have over 40 choices for news media network outlets in Montana? Not just those well financed from out of state corporations like Lee Enterprises trying to lead you around socially and politically with a nose ring. Don’t be led by one. But be informed by all. Vote for your most trusted Montana news sources below. Look closely before adding new ones to make sure they are not already listed! Duplicates and nonsense will be removed. Then scroll down and vote for the most biased networks in the poll below this one.

POLL: Do You Support or Oppose Universal Background Checks For All Firearms Transactions?

We hear in the media often about how such a big percentage of gun owners, NRA members and hunters all agree that Universal Background Checks should be mandatory for all gun sales. They get these ridiculous numbers from very targeted polls that you and I never took. We all know that it’s nonsense but lets let this poll decide. Vote in the poll below and share the heck out of it to show them just how ridiculous the polls you hear about elsewhere really are.

Do You Support or Oppose Universal Background Checks For All Firearms Transactions?

POLLS: In your opinion, what are the most biased and most unbiased news media outlets in Montana?

You likely had no idea that you have over 40 choices for news media outlets in Montana. But do you know how Montanans feel about the level of bias they think each one of them may have? Vote in the polls below for the MOST BIASED and what you believe to be the MOST UNBIASED news media outlets in Montana. Select as many as you like. I know there are a lot to choose from but please look closely. Duplicates will be deleted, please check close before adding another one!

POLL: Should Montana Implement an Electoral College Type System for Governor and U.S. Representatives?

No one disagrees that the Popular Vote or One Person, One Vote Rule is essential! But does this not seem to break down when dealing with larger populations in that rural voters are no longer represented equally because they choose not to be part of a collective?

Is it time for a change in Montana’s popular voting system for in-state elections so that rural voters in Montana are represented equally?

Do you Support or Oppose implementing an Electoral College system for Montana Governor and US Reps?

No One Disagrees That The Popular, One Person, One Vote Rule is Essential!

Popular vote in county and city elections is essential to American liberty in a Constitutional Republic. It is literally the backbone of Democracy! It is essential where people are able to shake hands, speak face to face and eye to eye! The ability to speak directly to your representatives representing you is critical! You meet them on the street and can easily speak to them directly! Town Halls actually mean something. The people in local governments are held accountable by their neighbors! Where local law enforcement is your neighbor and their patrol car is in their driveway. They literally have to keep their eyes on the ball because it might break their living room window!

If they disagree with the community, they are gone in the next election. That is how representative government is envisioned to work!

Montana has 56 counties in a variety of geographical sizes. We have elected representatives in our county elections and can meet with them and speak eye to eye on any subject we want almost anytime. That’s where one person, one vote works! Is it not fair to think that each county might have an equal say about the state representation they receive so that it is equal to the state representation that Missoula or Bozeman, or Helena receives as a collective? Or should their collective values be worth more than your county’s collective?

Who in your area is the most tuned in to your local situation? Your Sheriff for example might be someone who is the most tuned in to local news and events as well as safety and security in your location. Could your locally elected by popular vote county sheriff not be considered someone who might represent you better as an elector for in state elections and cast your county’s vote based on popular vote in your county?

Vote in the poll above and share. Join Montana Gun Owners to leave comments and share your thoughts about it in the comments below.