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Are you a Montanan that has something valuable you’d like to share? You can always leave local comments below any post using Facebook, or better yet, our local comment form to help preserve them. Regardless of Facebook’s or even its minion’s opinions.

If you want to stop giving your valuable content to billion dollar search engines and social networking sites, that routinely block and even prohibit firearms and ammunition suppliers from advertising at their site, read on!

When is the last time Facebook sent you a check?
Any content that you provide them, for free I might add, helps those non local websites grow and advertise products, services and even political figures you may not agree with. They certainly don’t operate for free. All while violating your browser to help serve you advertisements. And you give them the content they need to do it even better, for free! It’s disturbing how you’re tracked! Watch the video, it will scare you. And rest assured, that will never happen here! Of course we have website and hosting fees we have to pay, so a minimal amount of firearms friendly advertising appears. But browser intrusive it will never be. And Contributors or Authors here can share their own links in their content and make money!

This site will only ever serve firearms friendly Advertisers so you don’t have to worry about your content directly helping those you prefer not to. To become a contributor or author at this local site, reply below or call Randy at Montana area code + 4six1 4seven3five.

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